Chiang Dao (Chiang Mai): Sleeping, watching the fog and stars.

Another popular attraction this year Having said that, if anyone hears the name of the place here, they have to sing: Doi Luang, Chiang Dao. Chiang Mai itself, but did not go to climb the top of Doi Luang Chiang Dao. Meaning that we will lay down our tent in Ban Na Lae Mai Lying down and watching the view of Doi Luang, Chiang Dao Enjoy with millions of stars at night. And finish with the sea mist here. Meaning not to be tired of climbing But may be a bit tired when driving up Because the path is a circle and the road is a little narrow But come to certify that it is one of the coolest places in Chiang Mai. This is guaranteed.

Ban Na Lae Mai, Chiang Dao, are you still able to rest after the news has been razed?

Many people may have heard the news recently that the homestay in Nau La Mai Mai will be dismantled and organized. Due to forest encroachment in order to make a resort-like accommodation

The answer is that now I can still travel and stay here, but each homestay will be demolished in some houses to remain “homestay”, not a permanent resort business.



Ban Na Lae Mai Where is it?

Some people may be confused like when we first confused when looking for “Chiang Dao” in Google. In truth, Doi Luang Chiang Dao is a place for trekking to climb to the top to enjoy the nature, sun, sea, fog, sunset or whatever. Now … to go up The pinnacle of Chiang Dao Meaning that he was going to climb this tough mountain for 2-3 days


After that, turn left and keep following the path to the foot of the mountain. Will find the entrance with the wildlife sanctuary staff, charge 20 baht per person and 50 baht per vehicle and then enter the Doi Luang Chiang Dao As I said before, the way up the hill is quite steep and curvy. So be careful as well .. Frey .. Drive for just a moment, then reach Ban Na Lae Mai community. We arrived at about six o’clock in the afternoon. Beautiful sun

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