Ban Yang Pu To Hot Spring

Sitting and soaking in hot water and relaxing in the cool water are both paid and free. Is a hot spring adjacent to Mae Ka Creek. Soaking in hot water or relaxing in cold water is also good. Is a natural hot spring in the village of Yang Pu Toh People like to soak because it's not a waste of money, but if anyone wants privacy It costs 50 baht per hour per person. Suitable for picnics to relax during the holidays. Many tourists because it is not far from…

Chiang Dao Elephant Camp

Before entering Chiang Dao area, can also visit Chiang Dao elephant camp first Watch an elephant show Elephant trekking and river rafting on the Ping River Is a beautiful elephant training center in the north Is an elephant camp that is not very wide but has a natural harmony and the Ping River flows through, can go rafting Is another activity of this elephant camp  

Muang Kong

Muang Kong is a district with beautiful natural forests. There are also beautiful terraces for walking and enjoying. There are also chic homestays along the rice fields to go to sleep, look at the stars, look at the mists, get cool and fresh air at a price of hundreds. If you want to go to rest your mind and rest your brain for a day or two Say that Kong is a good option, not a game at all.

Doi Luang, Chiang Dao

Doi Luang Chiang Dao is one of the most adventurous mountain peaks in Thailand, with a height of 2,225 meters, with a nature study path to walk up to experience the beauty of this hilltop. Which is full of trees and wild flowers At the top of the mountain, you can see the magnificent view of the sea of ​​mist as if we were standing on the mist. The Doi Luang Chiang Dao tourism festival Will be between the beginning of November to the end of February After that, will…